Control of Fusarium Diseases

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F.M. Alves-Santos y J. J. Diez. Editores (2011) - Control of Fusarium Diseases - Research Signpost. Kerala, India

Different species of the genus Fusarium have long been known to cause plant diseases. Numerous reports about the occurrence of Fusarium have been published since the fungus was first described as an agent of plant diseases, and new reports are published almost every month throughout the world. The genus Fusarium is a very large and diverse group, in terms of both taxonomy and pathogenicity.
We have aimed for a comprehensive approach, emphasising issues such as: early and accurate diagnosis, which is essential for efficient control; chemical control, which has been widely used throughout history; genetic control, which has enormous long term potential; mycorrhizal control of forest diseases; biological control, which is in constant expansion in agriculture, and integrated management of diseases, which combines all the above concepts and constitutes the future of plant pathology.

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