Tree species with potential for reforestation in coastal zones of the humid tropics

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Georgina Vargas-Simón, Marivel Domínguez-Domínguez, Valentín Pando-Fernández, Pablo Martínez-Zurimendi (2022) - Tree species with potential for reforestation in coastal zones of the humid tropics - Forest Sistems

Aim of study: The native species of warm humid climates Ceiba pentandra, Tabebuia rosea, Gliricidia sepium, Enterolobium cyclocarpum and Brosimum alicastrum are often included in Mexican reforestation programs. We evaluated the growth response in sandy soils of these species that could serve as pioneers in the restoration of coastal areas.
Area of study: Alluvial plain in Frontera, Tabasco, Mexico.
Material and methods: A total of 1080 plants were planted in 2014 and evaluated for 23 months in 30 plots under a randomized block design with six replications. The sample plots each occupied 36 m2 (each with 16 plants). Survival percentage, stem height (SH), basal diameter (BD) and basal area (BA) were quantified. Survival and growth variables were analyzed using logistic regression and ANOVA for repeated measures, respectively.
Main results: At the end of the experiment (2016), high survival was demonstrated in G. sepium (88 %) and in C. pentandra (86 %), while B. alicastrum presented total mortality at six months. The highest values of SH and BD were presented in C. pentandra (2.9 m and 7.8 cm, respectively) and in G. sepium (2.6 m and 4.2 cm, respectively). Gliricidia sepium differed significantly from C. pentandra in terms of BA (5.9 vs. 23 m2 ha-1, respectively).
Research highlights: The native species C. pentandra and G. sepium presented high survival and growth in the sandy soils; G. sepium showed strong adaptation to the environment and C. pentandra offered suitable coverage, characteristics that are necessary for the success of reforestation and restoration programs.

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