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SIXTO H, GIL MP, CIRIA P, CAMPS F, SÁNCHEZ MM, CAÑELLAS I, (2014) - Performance of hybrid poplar clones in short rotation forestry in Mediterranean environments: Analysis of genotypic stability - [Artículos]

MORENO D., SÁNCHEZ M., ÁLVAREZ J., HEVIA A., MAJADA J., CAÑELLAS I., GEA G., (2014) - Response to the interaction of thinning and pruning of pine species in Mediterranean mountains - [Artículos]

ALBERDI I., CAÑELLAS I., CONDES S. (2014) - A long-term biodiversity monitoring methodology for Spanish National Forest Inventory. - [Artículos]

MORENO D., CAÑELLAS I., CALAMA R., GORDO J., SÁNCHEZ M., (2013) - Thinning increases cone production of stone pine (Pinus pinea L.) stands in the Northern Plateau (Spain) - [Artículos]

SGHAIER T., TOME M., TOME J., SANCHEZ M., CAÑELLAS I., CALAMA R. (2013) - Distance-independent individual tree diameter-increment model for Thuya [Tetraclinis articulata (VAHL.) MAST.] stands in Tunisia - [Artículos]

Martín D., Beeckman H., Cañellas I. (2013) - Influence of drought on tree rings and tracheid features of Pinus nigra and Pinus sylvestris in a mesic Mediterranean forest - [Artículos]

ALBERDI I, CAÑELLAS I, HERNANDEZ L., CONDES S (2013) - A new method for the identification of old-growth trees in national forest inventories: application to Pinus halepensis Mill. Stands in Spain - [Artículos]

FERNANDEZ J., ALBERDI I., ALVAREZ J., VEGA J., CAÑELLAS I., RUIZ A. (2013) - Distribution of canopy fuel characterization related to crown fire risk in pine stands: analysis and modeling - [Artículos]

HERNÁNDEZ L., CAÑELLAS I., ALBERDI I., TORRES I., MONTES F. (2013) - Assessing changes in species distribution from sequential large-scale forest inventories - [Artículos]

GEA-IZQUIERDO G., FERNANDEZ L., CAÑELLAS I. (2013) - Growth projections revel local vulnerability of Mediterranean oaks with rising temperatures - [Artículos]


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