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Nayely Martínez-Meléndez, Neptalí Ramírez-Marcial, José G. García-Franco, Manuel J. Cach-Pérez, Pablo Martínez-Zurimendi (2022) - Importance of Quercus spp. for diversity and biomass of vascular epiphytes in a managed pine-oak forest in Southern Mexico. - [Artículos]

Nayely Martínez-Meléndez, Neptalí Ramírez-Marcial, Pablo Martínez-Zurimendi, Manuel J. Cach-Pérez, José G. García-Franco (2021) - How Timber Harvest Affects the Structure and Diversity of a Montane Forest in Southern Mexico - [Artículos]

Alfonso Juárez-García, Pablo Martínez-Zurimendi, Bruce G. Ferguson, Marivel Domínguez-Domínguez, Gilberto Villanueva-López (2019) - Effect of focal trees on the regeneration of tree species in pastures of southwest Mexico - [Artículos]

Alejandro Alcudia-Aguilar, Pablo Martínez-Zurimendi, Hans van der Wal, María Mercedes Castillo-Uzcanga, Juan Suárez-Sánchez (2019) - Allometric estimation of the biomass of Musa spp. in homegardens of Tabasco, Mexico. - [Artículos]

Marivel Domínguez-Domínguez, Pablo Martínez-Zurimendi (2019) - Beneficios ambientales, usos forestales maderables y no maderables del manglar en la planicie costera. - [Capítulos de libros]

Marivel Domínguez-Domínguez, Joel Zavala-Cruz, Joaquín A. Rincón-Ramírez, Pablo Martínez-Zurimendi (2019) - Management Strategies for the Conservation, Restoration and Utilization of Mangroves in Southeastern Mexico - [Artículos]

Rosario Sierra-de-Grado, Valentín Pando, Pablo Martínez-Zurimendi, Bruno Moulia (2019) - Is the Responsiveness to Light Related to the Differences in Stem Straightness among Populations of Pinus pinaster? - [Artículos]

López-Santiago, J.G.; Casanova-Lugo, F.; Villanueva-López, G.; Díaz-Echeverría, V.F.; Solorio-Sánchez, F. J.; Martínez-Zurimendi, P.; Chay-Canul, J.A.; Aryal, D.R. (2018) - Carbon storage in a silvopastoral system compared to that in a deciduous dry forest in Michoacán, Mexico - [Artículos]

Alcudia-Aguilar, Alejandro; van der Wal, Hans; Suárez-Sánchez, Juan; Martínez-Zurimendi, Pablo; Castillo-Uzcanga, María Mercedes (2018) - Home garden agrobiodiversity in cultural landscapes in the tropical lowlands of Tabasco, México - [Artículos]

García-Domínguez, A.; Cámara Cabrales, L. C.; Van der Wal, J. C.; Martínez Zurimendi, P. (2018) - Biomass of secondary vegetation of three ecogeographic units of the state of Tabasco - [Artículos]


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