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Vainio, E.J.; Bezos, D.; Bragança, H.; Cleary, M.; Fourie, G.; Georgieva, M.; Ghelardini, L.; Hannunen, S.; Ioos, R.; Martín-García, J.; Martínez-Álvarez, P.; Mullett, M.; Oszako, T.; Papazova-Anakieva, I.; Piškur, B.; Romeralo, C.; Sanz-Ros, A.V.; Steenkamp, E.T.; Tubby, K.; Wingfield, M.J.; Diez, J.J. (2019) - Sampling and Detection Strategies for the Pine Pitch Canker (PPC) Disease Pathogen Fusarium circinatum in Europe - [Artículos]

Romeralo C., Witzell J., Romeralo-Tapia R., Botella L., Diez J.J. (2015) - Antagonistic activity of fungal endophyte filtrates against Gremmeniella abietina infections on Aleppo pine seedlings. - [Artículos]

Romeralo C., Witzell J., Diez J.J. (2015) - Aleppo pine provenances vary in susceptibility and secondary chemical response to Gremmeniella abietina infection - [Artículos]

Romeralo C. (2015) - Management of Gremmeniella abietina by means of biological control agents and host resistance - [Tesis]

Romeralo C., Santamaría O., Pando V., Diez J.J. (2015) - Fungal endophytes reduce necrosis length produced by Gremmeniella abietina in Pinus halepensis seedlings - [Artículos]

C. Prieto-Recio, C. Romeralo, D. Bezos, J. Martín-García, P. Martínez-Álvarez, L. Botella, J. J. Diez (2012) - First Report of Heterobasidion annosum on Pinus pinaster in Spain - [Artículos]

Romeralo C., Botella, L., Santamaría O., Díez J.J. (2012) - Effect of putative mitoviruses on in vitro growth of Gremmeniella abietina isolates under different laboratory conditions - [Artículos]

Romeralo C., Díez J.J., Santiago N.F. (2012) - Presence of fungi in Scots pine needles found to correlate with air quality as measured by bioindicators in northern Spain - [Artículos]

Romeralo, C. (2012) - Effect of putative mitoviruses on growth of Gremmeniella abietina isolates in vitro and on its pathogenicity on Pinus halepensis seedlings - [Tesis]

Oliva, J., Romeralo, C., Stenlid, J. (2011) - Accuracy of the Rotfinder instrument in detecting decay on Norway spruce (Picea abies) trees - [Artículos]


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