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Gómez, C.; White, J.C.; Wulder, M.A.; Alejandro, P. (2015) - Integrated object-based spatiotemporal change characterization from an annual time series of Landsat image composites. - [Artículos]

Gómez, C.; Wulder, M.A.; Dawson, A.; Ritchie, W.; Green, D. (2014) - Shoreline change and coastal vulnerability characterization with Landsat imagery: A case study in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. - [Artículos]

Kennedy R., Andréfouet S., Cohen W., Gómez C., Griffiths P., Hais M., Healey S., Helmer E., Hostert P., Lyons M., Weigs G., Pflugmacher D., Phinn S., Powell S., Scarth P., Schneider A., Schroeder T., Sen S., Sonnenschein R., Vogelmann J., Wulder M., Zhu Z (2014) - Bringing an ecological view of change to Landsat-based remote sensing - [Artículos]

Gómez, C.; White, J.C.; Wulder, M.A.; Alejandro, P. (2014) - Historical forest biomass dynamics modelled with Landsat spectral trajectories - [Artículos]

Gómez, C.; Wulder, M.A.; White, J.C.; Montes, F.; Delgado, J.A. (2012) - Characterizing 25 years of change in the area, distribution, and carbon stock of Mediterranean pines in Central Spain - [Artículos]

Dawson, A.; Gómez, C.; Ritchie, W.; Batstone, C.; Lawless, M.; Rowan, J.; Dawson, S.; McIlveny, J.; Bates, R.; Muir, D. (2012) - Barrier island geomorphology, hydrodynamic modelling and historical shoreline changes: an example from South Uist and Benbecula, Scottish Outer Hebrides. - [Artículos]

Gómez, C.; Wulder, M.A.; Montes, F.; Delgado, J.A. (2012) - Modeling Forest Structural Parameters in the Mediterranean Pines of Central Spain using QuickBird-2 Imagery and Classification and Regression Tree Analysis (CART) - [Artículos]

Cristina Gomez, Michael A. Wulder, Fernando Montes, and Jose A. Delgado (2011) - Forest structural diversity characterization in Mediterranean pines of central Spain with QuickBird-2 imagery and canonical correlation analysis - [Artículos]

White, J.C.; Wulder, M.A.; Gómez, C.; Stenhouse, G. (2011) - A history of habitat dynamics: Characterizing 35 years of stand replacing disturbance. - [Artículos]

Gómez, C.; White J.C.; Wulder, M.A. (2011) - Characterizing the state and processes of change in a dynamic forest environment using hierarchical spatio-temporal segmentation. - [Artículos]


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