Post-fire production of mushrooms in Pinus pinaster forests using classificatory models

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Vasquez Gassibe, P.; Fraile, R.; Hernández-Rodríguez, M.; Oria-de-Rueda, J. A.; Bravo, F.; Martín-Pinto, P. (2014) - Post-fire production of mushrooms in Pinus pinaster forests using classificatory models - Journal of Forest Reserach

This study was aimed at describing post-fire mushroom production in a Mediterranean ecosystem dominated by Pinus pinaster Ait. in the northwest of Spain and assessing the results by classificatory models. During the autumn periods of 2003–2006, fruit bodies from 115 fungal taxa were collected in burned and unburned areas and were further grouped into the following categories: saprotrophic/mycorrhizal; and edible/non-edible. After wildfires, a significant reduction in the number of fungal species and fruit body biomass production was observed. Based on this relevant information, the first simple classificatory model for this aim is provided. Nine alternative models based on classifications according to combinations of edibility and functional groups were fitted, and four fruiting body biomass production classes were defined as possible responses. As explanatory factors, time after fire and climatic variables significantly related to fruit bodyproduction were included. The best predictive results were obtained for edible and edible-mycorrhizal models, for which the correct classification rate of production classes was between 92 and 85 %. Moreover, the models obtained were applied to analyse the effect of time after fire on fungal production. Mycorrhizal and edible fungal produc- tion after fire was classified into the lowest class, whereas saprotrophic and non-edible species followed a contrary trend. The classificatory models can be useful to optimise management and harvest of these increasingly appreciated non-timber forest resources.

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