Spanish and DataForest (Double Master)

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The two years education itinerary proposed has two main goals:
- Get B2/C1 Spanish proficiency.
- Get the official degree Master in Environmental Management based on Data Science #DataForest

University graduates interested in Big Data and natural resources with a good level of English (B1 / B2 minimum), and with interest in the Spanish language and in knowing the cultural and Spanish heritage.

In the first year, students learn Spanish while they are studying in English or with personalized support in English. This immersion accelerates the learning of Spanish.
In this first year all the subjects of #DataForest are in English or with personalized support in English. In that course the student obtains his/hers Spanish diploma (level B2 or higher).
The second course the student completes the #DataForest Master, performs an internship in an environmental company and develops his/hers master's thesis.
This Master allows to establish a high level of Spanish while obtaining an official Master's degree.


First semester
Spanish I and II
3 elective in english +
Forest Managment Methods or
Internship in an environmental
company ‘English friendly’

Second semester
Spanish III and IV
DATAFOREST (12), Research workshop,
Innovation worskshop,
1 Elective ‘English friendly’
Exam of level of Spanish (B2 or higher)

First semester
DATAFOREST (30) Fundaments of research and innovation;
Global Change and Forests; Forests and Society;
Relational databases and SQL;
Fundaments of programming with Python,
elective in english or spanish

Second semester
DATAFOREST (27) Master thesis, Advanced statistics,
Internship in an environmental company


Multifunctional silviculture,
Learning, by doing: adaptive
Management, Genetic Resources
Conservation and Molecular
markers, Forest Pest & Diseases

Innovation workshop,
Research workshop,
Forest Management methods,
Intership in enterprise,
Environmental and Forest
modelling, Master thesis.

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ETS Ingenierías Agrarias Universidad de Valladolid - Avd. Madrid s/n
34004 - PALENCIA - Localización

INIA-CIFOR - Ctra. A Coruña km 7,5
28040 - MADRID - Localización

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