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Hidalgo Rodríguez, Elena (Coordinator); Sevillano, Ignacio (General Editor); Askarieh, Ali; Cudjoe, Eric (Associate Editors) (2020) - XIV TH YOUNG RESEARCHERS MEETING ON CONSERVATION AND SUSTAINABLE USE OF FOREST SYSTEMS

After fourteen years of fruitful networking and ideas exchange between junior and senior researchers, the Young Foresters meeting has become a landmark of our activity fostering scientific ideas exchange and concentrating our energy and devoting time to meet jointly students from different master (professional, DATAFOREST and MEDFOR) and Conservation and Sustainable Use of Forest Systems PhD program.

During these annual meeting students present and discuss their hypothesis and findings with colleagues, professors and researchers from University of Valladolid and beyond.

As in previous editions, Professor Fouad Mounir, from École Nationale Forestière d'Ingénieurs- ENFI (Morocco) will join us to deliver talks and discuss with our students their research advances and goals. Additionally, Prof. Alejandro Dezzotti from Universidad del Comahue (Argentina) will deliver a plenary talk to our students and researchers.

These fourteen editions represent the oldest, not only in Spain but also in Europe, master and PhD students meeting and it is a reference for the dissemination of forest scientific work. Young Foresters meeting allows us to establish new synergies and network and will feed our scientific activity. In this edition 65 students from 18 countries (as diverse as Nepal, Brazil, Austria, Colombia, Iran, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana, Syria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Palestine, Canada, United States, Russia, Turkey, Portugal or Spain among others) will participate. The wide geographic distribution of the participants along with the diverse ecosystems studied, allow us to cover main forestry topics.

As every year since the last decade, we have had the cooperation of the Director and staff of the National Environmental Education Center (CENEAM) in Valsaín, which, again, hosted us in their facilities. The University of Valladolid and the Erasmus Mundus (through the MEDFOR consortium) have collaborated to make this event a success.

Also, I would like to acknowledge professors and students who coordinated and managed the meeting for their hard work which is reflected in the quality of the organization. Finally, as in other opportunities, I hope that this conference will serve to guide and enrich our students and nourish their future careers.

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Tipo de Publicación: 
XIV Young Researchers Meeting on Conservation and Sustainable Use of Forest Systems
Lugar de Celebración: 
Valsaín (Segovia, España)
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Comunicación Oral


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