XV Young Researchers Meeting on Conservation and Sustainable Use of Forest Systems

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Hidalgo Rodríguez, Elena (Coordinator); Armijos Montaño, Andres; Porto Rodriguez, Jose; Martín Collado, Laura; Vázquez Veloso, Aitor; Amilibia Ochoa, Xabier; Quian, Yunfan (Associate Editors) (2021) - XV Young Researchers Meeting on Conservation and Sustainable Use of Forest Systems

This year we celebrate the 15th edition of the meeting of Young Researchers in Sustainable Forest Management. After 10 editions in Valsaín (Segovia) the Young Researchers meeting is once again held in its initial place of celebration, the campus of Palencia, where the first three editions took place. In addition, the circumstances of the global pandemic in which we find ourselves this year have forced us to celebrate it later this year, more specifically at the beginning of the summer instead of at the beginning of the year.

This meeting is part of the training program of the University Institute for Research in Sustainable Forest Management (iuFOR) belonging to the University of Valladolid and INIA and the Erasmus Mundus (through the MEDFOR consortium). Students from different master programs (Master on Forestry Engineering, DATAFOREST, and MEDFOR) and from Conservation and Sustainable Use of Forest Systems PhD program exchange scientific ideas and results among themselves and with senior researchers and professors and with guests from other Universities and Research centers. Young Foresters meeting allows us to establish new synergies and network and advance in our scientific activities. In this edition a big number of students (more than 50) from several countries (as diverse as Ghana, Ethiopia, Syria, Pakistan, Turkey, Nigeria, Cameroon, Macedonia, Finland, France, Italy, or Spain among others) will participate. The wide geographic distribution of the participants along with the diverse ecosystems studied, allow us to cover main forestry topics and to and enrich the points of view in the discussions that are established.

I want to thank the organizers of the congress, both teachers and students, for the important work they have carried out and the effort they make so that year after year the conference is held with great success.

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Palencia (España)


ETS Ingenierías Agrarias Universidad de Valladolid - Avd. Madrid s/n
34004 - PALENCIA - Localización

INIA-CIFOR - Ctra. A Coruña km 7,5
28040 - MADRID - Localización

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