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BRAVO, F., OSORIO, L.F., PANDO, V., PESO, C. DEL (2010) - Long-term implications of traditional forest regulation methods applied to Maritime pine (Pinus pinaster Ait.) forests in central Spain: a century of management plans - [Artículos]

HERRERO, C., PANDO, V., BRAVO, F. (2010) - Modelling coarse woody debris in Pinus spp. plantations. A case study in Northern Spain - [Artículos]

KASSA, A., ALIA, R., TADESSE, W., PANDO, V., BRAVO, F. (2010) - Seed germination and viability in two African Acacia species growing under different water stress levels - [Artículos]

Oria-de-Rueda J.A.; Hernández-Rodríguez, M.; Martín-Pinto, P., Pando, V.; Olaizola, J. (2010) - Could artificial reforestations provide as much production and diversity of fungal species as natural forest stands in marginal Mediterranean areas? - [Artículos]

TURRIÓN MB, LAFUENTE F, MULAS R, LÓPEZ O, RUIPÉREZ C, PANDO V. (2010) - Effects on soil organic matter mineralization and microbiological properties of applying compost to burned and unburned soils. - [Artículos]


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