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MUTKE S., GORDO J., CHAMBEL M.R., PRADA M.A., ÁLVAREZ D., IGLESIAS S., GIL L. (2010) - Phenotypic plasticity is stronger than adaptative differentiation among Mediterranean stone pine provenances - [Artículos]

BRAVO-OVIEDO A, GALLARDO-ANDRES A, RÍO M., MONTERO G, (2010) - Regional changes of Pinus pinaster site index in Spain using a climate-based dominant height model. - [Artículos]

MARTÍN-BENITO, D., RÍO, M., HEINRICH, H., HELLE, G., CAÑELLAS, I., (2010) - Response of climate-growth relationships and water use efficiency to thinning in a Pinus nigra afforestation - [Artículos]

MARTÍN-BENITO, D., RÍO, M., CAÑELLAS, I., (2010) - Black pine (Pinus nigra Arn.) growth divergence along a latitudinal gradient in Western Mediterranean mountains. - [Artículos]

ADAME P., RÍO, M., CAÑELLAS I (2010) - Ingrowth model for pyrenean oak stands in north-western Spain using continuous forest inventory data. - [Artículos]

Jaramillo-Correa JP, Grivet D, Terrab A, Kurt Y, de-Lucas AI, Wahid N, Vendramin GG, González-Martínez SC (2010) - The Strait of Gibraltar as a major biogeographic barrier in Mediterranean conifers: a comparative phylogeographic survey - [Artículos]

Guillermo Gea-Izquierdo, Barbara Allen-Diaz, Alfonso San Miguel, Isabel Cañellas (2010) - How do trees affect spatio-temporal heterogeneity of nutrient cycling in mediterranean annual grasslands? - [Artículos]

TURRIÓN MB, LAFUENTE F., AROCA MJ, LÓPEZ O, MULAS R, RUIPÉREZ C. (2010) - Characterization of soil phosphorus in a fire-affected forest Cambisol by chemical extractions and 31P-NMR spectroscopy analysis - [Artículos]

LLORENTE M, TURRIÓN MB (2010) - Microbiological parameters as indicators of soil organic carbon dynamics in relation to different land use management. - [Artículos]

LLORENTE M, GLASER B, TURRIÓN MB (2010) - Storage of organic carbon and black carbon in density fractions of calcareous soils under different land uses. - [Artículos]


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