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MILDER A.I., FERNÁNDEZ-SANTOS B., MARTÍNEZ-RUIZ C., (2013) - Colonization patterns of woody species on lands mined for coal in spain: preliminary insights for forest expansion - [Artículos]

LÓPEZ L., VILLALBA R., BRAVO F., (2013) - Cumulative diameter growth and biological rotation age for seven tree species in the Cerrado biogeographical province of Bolivia - [Artículos]

MUTKE S., PIQUÉ M., CALAMA R. (2013) - Foreword (Opt. Medit. 105 Stone pine for agroforestry) - [Artículos]

MUTKE S, GORDO J, KHOUJA M., FADY B. (2013) - Low genetic and high environmental diversity at adaptive traits in Pinus pinea from provenance tests in France and Spain - [Artículos]

MUTKE S., PASTOR A., PICARDO A. (2013) - Toward a traceability of European pine nuts "from forest to fork" - [Artículos]

Piqué P., Ammari Y., Solano D., Aletà N., Bono D., Sghaier T., Garchi S., Coello J., Coll L., Mutke S. (2013) - Production and management of stone pine (Pinus pinea) for early nut production: grafted plantations as an alternative for restoring degraded areas and generating income in rural communities of Tunisia - [Artículos]

QUINTANO C., FERNÁNDEZ A., ROBERTS D., (2013) - Multiple Endmember Spectral Mixture Analysis (MESMA) to map burn severity levels from Landsat images in Mediterranean countries - [Artículos]

CONDÉS S., DEL RÍO M., STERBA H., (2013) - Mixing effect on volume growth of Fagus sylvatica and Pinus sylvestris is modulated by stand density - [Artículos]

RIO M., SCHÜTZE G., PRETZSCH H. (2013) - Temporal variation of competition and facilitation in mixed species forests in Central Europe - [Artículos]

RODRIGUEZ F., LIZARRALDE I., BRAVO F. (2013) - Additivity on Nonlinear Stem Taper Functions: A Case for Corsican Pine in Northern Spain - [Artículos]

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