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Vasquez Gassibe, P.; Fraile, R.; Hernández-Rodríguez, M.; Oria-de-Rueda, J. A.; Bravo, F.; Martín-Pinto, P. (2014) - Post-fire production of mushrooms in Pinus pinaster forests using classificatory models - [Artículos]

CRISTÓBAL D., MARTÍNEZ P., VILLAMEDIANA I., CIRIZA J., VILLAR J., NANOS N., SIERRA R. (2014) - Clonal structure and dynamics of peripheral Populus tremula L. populations - [Artículos]

BOGINO S., BRAVO F. (2014) - Carbon stable isotope-climate association in tree rings of Pinus pinaster and Pinus sylvestris in Mediterranean environments - [Artículos]

VILLANUEVA G., MARTÍNEZ P., RAMÍREZ L., CASANOVA F., JARQUÍN A. (2014) - Influence of livestock systems with live fences of Gliricidia sepium on several soil properties in Tabasco, Mexico - [Artículos]

VILLANUEVA G., CASANOVA F., RAMÍREZ, L., MARTÍNEZ P. (2014) - Influence of silvopastoral system “live fences” of Gliricidia sepium on soil respiration in Tacotalpa, Tabasco, Mexico - [Artículos]

Kennedy R., Andréfouet S., Cohen W., Gómez C., Griffiths P., Hais M., Healey S., Helmer E., Hostert P., Lyons M., Weigs G., Pflugmacher D., Phinn S., Powell S., Scarth P., Schneider A., Schroeder T., Sen S., Sonnenschein R., Vogelmann J., Wulder M., Zhu Z (2014) - Bringing an ecological view of change to Landsat-based remote sensing - [Artículos]

FERNÁNDEZ O., FERNÁNDEZ A.,QUINTANO C., (2014) - Estimation of aboveground biomass in Mediterranean forests by statistical modelling of ASTER fraction images - [Artículos]

MARTÍNEZ M., PARDOS M., BALOGH P., CHAUVIN C., KLOPCIC M., WILHELMSSON E., HERRUZO A., (2014) - Hunting in European mountain systems: an economic assessment of game gross margins in nine case study areas - [Artículos]

ROMÓN P., DE BEER W., FERNÁNDEZ M., DÍEZ J., WINGFIELD B., WINGFIELD M., (2014) - Ophiostomatoid fungi including two new fungal species associated with pine root-feeding beetles in northern Spain - [Artículos]

BRAVO-OVIEDO A., DEL RÍO M., CALAMA R., T.VALENTINE H., (2014) - New approaches to modelling cross-sectional area to height allometry in four Mediterranean pine species - [Artículos]

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