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Muñoz-Adalia, E.J.; Jubete, F.; Zumalacárregui, C.; Baglione, V. (2015) - Hydrological management in a restored wetland affects stopover ecology of Aquatic Warbler: the case of La Nava wetland, northern Spain - [Artículos]

CANESTRARI D., BOLOPO D., TURLINGS T., RÖDER G., MARCOS J., BAGLIONE V., (2014) - From Parasitism to Mutualism:Unexpected Interactions Between a Cuckoo and Its Host - [Artículos]

RÖDER G., CANESTRARI D., BOLOPO D., MARCOS J., VILLARD N., BAGLIONE V., TURLINGS T., (2014) - Chicks of the Great Spotted Cuckoo May Turn Brood Parasitism into Mutualism by Producing a Foul-Smelling Secretion that Repels Predators - [Artículos]

POELSTRA J., VIJAY N., BOSSU C., LANTZ H., RYLL B., MÜLLER I., BAGLIONE V., UNNEBERG P., WIKELSKI M., GRABHERR M., WOLF J., (2014) - The genomic landscape underlying phenotypic integrity in the face of gene flow in crows - [Artículos]

WASCHER C., VALDEZ J., NÚÑEZ C., BAGLIONE V., CANESTRARI D., (2014) - Social factors modulating attention patterns in carrion crows - [Artículos]

Elisa Chiarati, Daniela Canestrari, Marta Vila, Rubén Vera, Vittorio Baglione (2011) - Nepotistic access to food resources in cooperatively breeding carrion crows - [Artículos]

Elisa Chiarati, Daniela Canestrari, Rubén Vera, Marta Vila, Vittorio Baglione (2010) - Nepotismo en el acceso al alimento en los grupos cooperativos de corneja negra - [Congresos]

Elisa Chiarati, Daniela Canestrari, Rubén Vera, José M. Marcos, Vittorio Baglione (2010) - Linear and Stable Dominance Hierarchies in Cooperative Carrion Crows - [Artículos]

Elisa Chiarati, Daniela Canestrari, Rubén Vera, Vittorio Baglione (2009) - Linear and stable dominance hierarchies in cooperative breeding groups of carrion crow (Corvus corone corone) - [Congresos]


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