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de Streel, G., Collet, C., Barbeito, I., Bielak, K., Bravo-Oviedo, A., Brazaitis, G., Coll, L., Drössler, L., Forrester, D., Heym, M., Löf, M., Pach, M., Pretzsch, H., Ruiz-Peinado, R., Skrzyszewski, J., Stankevičiūtė, J., Svoboda, M., Verheyen, K., Zlatanov, T., Bonal, D., Ponette, Q. (2020) - Contrasting patterns of tree species mixture effects on wood δ13C along an environmental gradient - [Artículos]

del Río M, Bravo-Oviedo A, Ruiz-Peinado R, Condés S (2019) - Tree allometry variation in response to intra-and inter-specific competitions - [Artículos]

Bravo, F., Fabrika, M., Ammer, C., Barreiro, S., Bielak, K., Coll, L., Fonseca, T., Kangur, A., Löf, M., Merganičová, K., Pach, M., Pretzsch, H., Stojanović, D., Schuler, L., Peric, S., Rötzer, T., Del Río, M., Dodan, M., Bravo-Oviedo, A. (2019) - Modelling approaches for mixed forests dynamics prognosis. Research gaps and opportunities - [Artículos]

Ruiz-Peinado R, Heym M, Drössler L, Condés S, Corona P, Bravo F, Pretzsch H, Bravo-Oviedo A, del Río M (2018) - Data platforms for mixed forest research: Contributions from the EuMIXFOR network - [Capítulos de libros]

Rubio-Cuadrado Á, Camarero JJ, del Río M, Sánchez-González M, Ruiz-Peinado R, Bravo-Oviedo A, Gil L, Montes F (2018) - Drought modifies tree competitiveness in an oak-beech temperate forest - [Artículos]

SOLIÑO S., TIANQI YU, ALÍA R., AUÑÓN F., BRAVO-OVIEDO A., CHAMBEL M.R., DE MIGUEL J., DEL RÍO M., JUSTES A., MARTÍNEZ-JAUREGUI M., MONTERO G., MUTKE S., RUIZ-PEINADO R., GARCÍA DEL BARRIO, J.M. (2018) - Resin-tapped pine forests in Spain: Ecological diversity and economic valuation - [Artículos]

RUBIO-CUADRADO A., BRAVO-OVIEDO A., MUTKE S., DEL RIO M. (2018) - Climate effects on growth differ according to height and diameter along the stem in Pinus pinaster Ait. - [Artículos]

Rubio-Cuadrado Á, Camarero JJ, del Río M, Sánchez-González M, Ruiz-Peinado R, Bravo-Oviedo A, Gil L, Montes F (2018) - Long-term impacts of drought on growth and forest dynamics in a temperate beech-oak-birch forest - [Artículos]

Condés, S., Vallet, P., Bielak, K., Bravo-Oviedo, A., Coll, L., Ducey, M.J., Pach, H., Pretzsch, H., Sterba, H., Vayreda, J., Río, M. (2017) - Climate influences on the maximum size-density relationship in Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) and European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) stands - [Artículos]

ALDEA J., BRAVO, F., BRAVO-OVIEDO, A., RUIZ-PEINADO, R., RODRÍGUEZ, F., RÍO, M. (2017) - Thinning enhances the species-specific radial increment response to drought in Mediterranean pine-oak stands - [Artículos]


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