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MORENO-FERNÁNDEZ D, HERNÁNDEZ L, SÁNCHEZ-GONZÁLEZ M, CAÑELLAS I, MONTES F (2016) - Space–time modeling of changes in the abundance and distribution of tree species - [Artículos]

Daniel Moreno Fernández; Fernando Montes; Mariola Sánchez-González; Iciar Alberdi; Rut Sánchez de Dios; Isabel Cañellas; Laura Hernández; (2016) - Cambios en la distribución y abundancia de especies forestales a partir del Inventario Forestal Nacional - [Artículos]

MORENO-FERNÁNDEZ D, DÍAZ-PINÉS E, BARBEITO I, SÁNCHEZ-GONZÁLEZ M, MONTES F, RUBIO A, CAÑELLAS I (2015) - Temporal carbon dynamics over the rotation period of two alternative management systems in Mediterranean mountain Scots pine forests - [Artículos]

MORENO-FERNÁNDEZ D, CAÑELLAS I, BARBEITO I, SÁNCHEZ-GONZÁLEZ, M, LEDO A (2015) - Alternative approaches to assessing the natural regeneration of Scots pine in a Mediterranean forest - [Artículos]

RODRÍGUEZ C., MONTES F., RUIZ F., CAÑELLAS I., PITA P. (2014) - Stem mapping and estimating standing volume from stereoscopic hemispherical images - [Artículos]

HERNÁNDEZ L., MARTÍNEZ-FERNÁNDEZ J., CAÑELLAS I., VÁZQUEZ A. (2014) - Assessing spatio-temporal rates, patterns and determinants of biological invasions in forest ecosystems. The case of Acacia species in NW Spain - [Artículos]

PÉREZ C., SÁNCHEZ D., RODRÍGUEZ R., HERNÁNDEZ M., SÁNCHEZ M., CAÑELLAS I., SIXTO H. (2014) - Biomass production assessment from Populus spp. Shortrotation irrigated crops in Spain - [Artículos]

LEDO A., CAÑELLAS I., BARBEITO I., GORDO F., CALAMA R., GEA G., (2014) - Species coexistence in a mixed Mediterranean pine forest: Spatio-temporal variability in trade-offs between facilitation and competition - [Artículos]

SIXTO H, GIL MP, CIRIA P, CAMPS F, SÁNCHEZ MM, CAÑELLAS I, (2014) - Performance of hybrid poplar clones in short rotation forestry in Mediterranean environments: Analysis of genotypic stability - [Artículos]

MORENO D., SÁNCHEZ M., ÁLVAREZ J., HEVIA A., MAJADA J., CAÑELLAS I., GEA G., (2014) - Response to the interaction of thinning and pruning of pine species in Mediterranean mountains - [Artículos]


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