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Vázquez, Antonio; Climent, José M.; Casais, Luis; Quintana, José R (2015) - Current and future estimates for the fire frequency and the fire rotation period in the main woodland types of peninsular Spain: a case-study approach - [Artículos]

Wang, B; Climent, José M.; Wang, X-R (2015) - Horizontal gene transfer from a flowering plant to the insular pine Pinus canariensis (Chr. Sm. Ex DC in Buch) - [Artículos]

Santos del Blanco L, Alía R, González Martínez SC, Sampedro L, Lario F, Climent J (2015) - Correlated genetic effects on reproduction define a domestication syndrome in a forest tree - [Artículos]

Prada, Eva; Alia, Ricardo; Climent, José M.; Díaz, Raquel (2014) - Seasonal cold hardiness in maritime pine assessed by different methods - [Artículos]

Tranque FJ, González Martínez SC, Lucas-Borja ME, Iglesias-Ranz A, Fernández J, Hernández-Tecles E, Notivol E, Ahrazem O, Climent J. (2014) - Ex-situ genetic conservation of Pinus nigra salzmannii endangered populations from the Spanish Central Range. - [Congresos]

Climent J, Martín-Sanz R, Santos L, Chambel MR, Notivol E. (2014) - Genetic, environmental and ontogenetic effects on cone serotiny Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis Mill.). - [Congresos]

ALÍA R., CHAMBEL R., NOTIVOL E., CLIMENT J., GONZÁLEZ S., (2014) - Environment-dependent microevolution in a Mediterranean pine (Pinus pinaster Aiton) - [Artículos]

PARDOS M., CLIMENT J., ALMEIDA H., CALAMA R., (2014) - The role of developmental stage in frost tolerance of Pinus pinea L. seedlings and saplings - [Artículos]

Hernández-Serrano, Ana; Verdú, Miguel; Santos-del-Blanco, Luís; Climent, José M.; González-Martínez, Santiago C.; Pausas, Juli G. (2014) - Heritability and quantitative genetic divergence of serotiny, a fire-persistence plant trait - [Artículos]

Santos-del-Blanco, Luis; Climent, José M. (2014) - Costs of female reproduction in a conifer tree: a whole-tree level assessment - [Artículos]


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