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del Río, M., Vergarechea, M., Hilmers, T., Alday, J.G., et al (2021) - Effects of elevation-dependent climate warming on intra- and inter-specific growth synchrony in mixed mountain forests - [Artículos]

Aldea, J., Ruiz-Peinado, R., del Río, M., Pretzsch, H., Heym, M., Brazaitis, G., Jansons, A., Metslaid, M., Barbeito, I., Bielak, K., Granhus, A., Holm, S.-O., Nothdurft, A., Sitko, R., Löf, M. (2021) - Species stratification and weather conditions drive tree growth in Scots pine and Norway spruce mixed stands along Europe - [Artículos]

Pardos, M., del Río, M., Pretzsch, H., Jactel, H., Bielak, K., Bravo, F., Brazaitis, G., Defossez, E., Engel, M., Godvod, K., Jacobs, K, Jansone, L., Jansons, A., Morin, X., Nothdurft, A., Oreti, L., Ponette, Q., Pach, M., Riofrío, J., Ruiz-Peinado, R., Tomao, A., Uhl, E., Calama, R. (2021) - The greater resilience of mixed forests to drought mainly depends on their composition: Analysis along a climate gradient across Europe - [Artículos]

Ruiz-Peinado, R., Pretzsch, H., Löf, M., Heym, M., Bielak, K., Aldea, J., Barbeito, I., Brazaitis, G., Drössler, L., Godvod, K., Granhus, A., Holm, S.-O., Jansons, A., Makrickienė, E., Metslaid, M., Metslaid, S., Nothdurft, A., Reventlown, D.O.J., Sitko, R., Stankevičienė, G., del Río, M. (2021) - Mixing effects on Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) and Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) productivity along a climatic gradient across Europe - [Artículos]

Aldea, J., Bravo, F., Vázquez-Piqué, J., Ruiz-Peinado, R., del Río, M. (2021) - Differences in stem radial variation between Pinus pinaster Ait. and Quercus pyrenaica Willd. may release inter-specific competition - [Artículos]

Osei, R., Titeux, H., Bielak, K., Bravo, F., Collect, C., Cools, C., Cornelis, J.-T., Heym, M., Korboulewsky, N., Löf, M., Muys, B., Najib, Y., Nothdurft, A., Pach, M., Pretzsch, H., del Río, M., Ruiz-Peinado, R., Ponette, Q. (2021) - Tree species identity drives soil organic carbon storage more than species mixing in major two-species mixtures (pine, oak, beech) in Europe - [Artículos]

CALAMA, R., DE-DIOS.GARCÍA, J., DEL RÍO, M., MADRIGAL, G., GORDO, F.J., PARDOS, M (2021) - Mixture mitigates the effect of climate change on the provision of relevant ecosystem services in managed Pinus pinea L. forests - [Artículos]

Aguirre, A., del Río, M., Ruiz-Peinado, R., Condés, S. (2021) - Stand-level biomass models for predicting C stock for the main Spanish pine species - [Artículos]

Condés, S., Aguirre, A., del Río, M (2020) - Crown plasticity of five pine species in response to competition along an aridity gradient - [Artículos]

Bowditch, E., Santopuoli, G., Binder, F., del Río, M., La Porta, N., Kluvankova, T., Lesinski, J., Motta, R., Pach, M., et al., (2020) - What is Climate-Smart Forestry? A definition from a multinational collaborative process focused on mountain regions of Europe - [Artículos]


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