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Dupuy JL, Fargeon H, Martin-StPaul N, Pimont F, Ruffault J, Guijarro M, Hernando C, Madrigal J, Fernandes P (2020) - Climate change impact on future wildfire danger and activity in southern Europe: a review - [Artículos]

Della Rocca G, Danti R, Hernando C, Guijarro M, Michelozzi M, Carrillo C, Madrigal J (2020) - Linking disease and flammability focusing in terpenoids induced accumulation: a laboratory study on the common cypress-cypress canker disease pathosystem - [Artículos]

Marino E, Yebra M, Guillen-Climent M, Algeet N, Tomé JL, Madrigal J, Guijarro M, Hernando C (2020) - Investigating live fuel moisture content estimation in fire-prone shrubland from remote sensing using empirical modelling and RTM simulations - [Artículos]

Ormeño E, Ruffault J, Gutigny C, Madrigal J, Guijarro M, Hernando C, Ballini C (2020) - Increasing cuticular wax concentrations in a drier climate promote litter flammability - [Artículos]

Madrigal, J.; Martín, A.; Chambel d, R.; Guijarro, M.; Hernando, C.; Callejas M.; Espinosa, J.; Climent, J (2020) - Do cone age and heating mode determine the opening of serotinous cones during wildfires? A new bench scale approach applied to Pinus halepensis Mill. - [Artículos]

Hernando C., Gea G., Guijarro M., Mutke S., Oliveira N., Villar J.C. (2020) - Los bosques ante el cambio global - [Artículos]

Espinosa, J.; Rodríguez de Rivera, O.; Madrigal, J.; Guijarro, M.; Hernando, C. (2020) - Predicting potential cambium damage and fire resistance in Pinus nigra Arn. ssp. salzmannii - [Artículos]

Espinosa, J.; Madrigal, J.; Pando, V.; De la Cruz, A.C.; Guijarro, M.; Hernando, C. (2020) - The effect of low-intensity prescribed burns in two seasons on litterfall biomass and nutrient content - [Artículos]

Espinosa, J.; Rodríguez de Rivera, O.; Madrigal, J.; Guijarro, M.; Hernando, C. (2020) - Use of Bayesian Modeling to Determine the Effects of Meteorological Conditions, Prescribed Burn Season, and Tree Characteristics on Litterfall of Pinus nigra and Pinus pinaster Stands - [Artículos]

Madrigal, J.; Souto-García, J.; Calama, R.; Guijarro, M.; Picos, J.; Hernando, C. (2019) - Resistance of Pinus pinea L. bark to fire - [Artículos]


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