Record breaking mushroom yields in Spain

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Alday, JG, JA Bonet, JA Oria-de-Rueda, J Martínez-de-Aragón, J Aldea, ... Pablo Martín-Pinto, Sergio-de-Miguel, María Hernández-Rodríguez, F. Martínez-Peña (2017) - Record breaking mushroom yields in Spain - Fungal Ecology

Despite the assumption that mushroom fruiting is dependent on climate conditions, recent changes in
temperature and precipitation regimes in Mediterranean-type ecosystems have opened new questions
about how climate changes impact epigeous sporocarps yields. Here, we described the epigeous fungal
sporocarp yield anomalies together with temperature and precipitation fluctuations that have triggered
atypical fungal production peaks during the last 20 years in different forest ecosystems of Mediterranean
Spain. We used the largest standardized, spatio-temporal epigeous sporocarp collection dataset available
in Mediterranean-type forest ecosystems and climates. Two clear positive yield anomalies were found in
2006 and 2014, representing more than 270% and 210% increase, respectively, in comparison with timeseries
mean annual fungal yields. Late-summer-early-autumn precipitation was the most influential
variable triggering these extreme mushroom production peaks in comparison with temperature. This
suggests that fungal fruiting is sensitive to late-summer-early-autumn precipitation pulses, producing
discrete yield pulses when conditions are optimal, which are interspersed among periods of limited
water resource availability and lower yields.

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