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Double Master Degree:

UVa: Master in Forest Management based on Data Science
VNU-HUS: Master in
- Environment and Sustainable Development;
- Management of Resources and Environment

General information:
- Two years program: one year in Hanoi, one year in Palencia
- 1 ECTS from VNU equivalent to 1.5 ECTS from UVa (15 teaching hours)
- Students may be granted recognition of a specific number of credits for credits of the UVa DATAFOREST master’s degree. In addition, said students will also have the chance to complete the academic syllabus of the master’s degree and, as a result, to obtain a master’s degree qualification, in accordance with the terms set out below.

Student selection:
Students admitted to the VNU to take a master’s degree in Environment and Sustainable Development or Management of Resources and Environment and who have been chosen as candidates for the UVA-VNU exchange programme and who have evidenced sufficient command of the English language (an officially accredited minimum level of B1), may  seek enrolment on the DATAFOREST master’s degree (see attach document at the principal page)

These students must fulfil all the requirements established under current legislation for admission to master’s degree studies at the UVA and shall apply for admission to the DATAFOREST master’s degree at the UVA in accordance with the procedure set out each year for newly admitted students. They must, therefore, respect the deadlines for pre-enrolment and registration on the UVA master’s degree. The documents which must be submitted translated into Spanish and duly legalized when enrolling are the following:

- Copy of the university degree certificate
- Copy of the official academic certificate detailing the duration of the studies and the courses taken, with the marks/grades and number of credits or class hours of each one and the overall mean mark/grade awarded.
- Copy of the certificate issued by the university awarding the qualification, accrediting that the studies taken by the person in question grant admission to postgraduate teaching in the country where they have been undertaken.

These students shall pay the public fees corresponding to the courses taken (51 ECTS) and recognised (39 ECTS) as well as any corresponding administrative fees.

Motivation interviews may be conducted by representatives of the VNU and the UVA to classify students and to offer them guidance in the choice of their training activities.

Once the VNU students have been selected by the UVA, in order to be able to enrol on the DATAFOREST master’s programme they must provide all the required documents to the newly admitted students as well as the documents required for recognition of the credits taken in the master’s degree in Environment and Sustainable Development or Management of Resources and Environment (whichever is applicable) at the VNU.

Training programme:
1. VNU students shall take in Vietnam the courses listed in the following table*:

Courses to be taken by Vietnamese students at the VNU Courses to be taken by Vietnamese
students at the VNU
Courses recognised for VNU students at University of Valladolid
Master in Environment and Sustainable Development Master in Management of Resources and Environment Master in Forest Management based on Data Science
Programming fundamentals using Python (3) Programming fundamentals using
Python (3)
Fundamentals of programming with Python (4.5 ECTS)
Relational databases and SQL (3) Relational databases and SQL (3) Relational databases and SQL (4.5 ECTS)
Advanced Statistics (6) Advanced Statistics (6) Advanced Statistics (9 ECTS)
EVS 6243 Climate Change (2)
EVS 6222 Biodiversity and Conservation (2)
GEO6024 Climate change and adaptation
methods (3 Credits)
GEO6003 Resources,  environment  and sustainable development (3 Credits)
Global Change and Forests (6 ECTS)
EVS 6238 Forest Ecosystems and Social Forestry (2)
EVS 6233 Ecosystem Ecology (2)
GEO6006: Analysis of policy for management of resources and
environment (3)
GEO60234:Economics of Natural Resources and Environment (3)
Forest and Society (3 ECTS)
EVS 6106 Scientific Research Method (3) GEO 6001:  Research methods and evaluation in Geography Foundations in research and innovation (6 ECTS)
EVS 6109 GIS & Remote Sensing Application of Environment (3)
EVS 6230 Modeling of ecosystems (2)
GEO 6002 Remote sensing and GIS in management of natural resources and
environment (3 Credits)
GEO 6011 Advance cartography (3 Credits)
Geographic Information Systems & Geospatial Analysis (6 ECTS)

*This should be approved by the Master’s Degree Academic Committee and said agreement should be submitted together with this specific project. Recognition will thus be granted “automatically”.

2. Upon their arrival at the UVA, they shall request recognition of the courses taken in the DATAFOREST master’s degree and shall take the courses from the following list: 

Academic programme to be taken by VNU students at the UVa
as part of the DATAFOREST master’s degree (51 ECTS)
Forest Management Methods 3 ECTS
Multifunctional silviculture 6 ECTS
Learning by doing: adaptive Management  6 ECTS
Genetic Resources Conservation and Molecular markers 6 ECTS
Forest Pests & Diseases      6 ECTS
Research Seminar 3 ECTS
Innovation Seminars 3 ECTS
Internship in R&D+i 6 ECTS
Master’s Degree Final Project 12 ECTS

*These courses shall subsequently be recognised by the VNU so that a master’s degree in Environment and Sustainable Development or Management of Resources and Environment at said university.

Important information:

- The studies contract must be signed by the three parties (student, VIETNAM NATIONAL UNIVERSITY, UNIVERSITY OF VALLADOLID) and will bear witness to the programme to be undertaken.
- During their two-semester stay at the UVA, students from the VIETNAM NATIONAL UNIVERSITY must obtain a minimum of 51 ECTS for the syllabus to be recognised by the VNU.
- Upon successful completion of (i) the 51 ECTS at the UVA, and after the official transcript of the marks has been completed, and (ii) subsequent to verification that the studies contract has been respected, the two semesters shall automatically be recognised by the VNU. 

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