Soil carbon stocks and exchangeable cations in monospecific and mixed pine forests

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López‑Marcos, D., Martínez‑Ruiz, C., Turrión, M.B., Jonard, M., Titeux, H., Ponette, Q., Bravo, F. (2018) - Soil carbon stocks and exchangeable cations in monospecific and mixed pine forests - European Journal of Forest Research

Many studies highlight the role of mixed versus monospecifc forests to supply numerous ecosystem services. Most reports of positive mixture efects on carbon storage focus on mixtures that combine tree species with contrasting traits, but little is known on the efect of mixing species that are expected to behave quite similarly as they belong to the same genus. In this study, we assessed the efect of mixed versus monospecifc stands of Pinus sylvestris and P. pinaster on carbon storage and exchangeable cations along the soil profle, based on research with six triplets in the northern Iberian Peninsula (Spain). One soil pit of at least 40 cm depth was dug at each plot for organic and mineral horizons characterization. Two trends were found: in the topsoil, higher values of carbon stock and total organic carbon were found in P. sylvestris stands, lower in P. pinaster stands and intermediate in mixed stands; this pattern was related to the C/N ratio of the forest foor. In the intermediate soil layers, it tends to be higher in mixed stands and is related to percentage of fne roots and to the greater thickness of the frst mineral horizon. Diferences in soil exchangeable cations among stands were related to the total organic carbon content. These results improve our understanding of the mechanisms underlying soil carbon accumulation in mixed stands and emphasize the use of mixtures as a strategy to combat climate change, due to the advantage in the accumulation of carbon in the subsoil layers. 

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