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Field trips are essential in didactics in forestry. Unfortunaltely, problems like accesibility, climatic conditions, class size, budget, etc. make it impracticable to develop  an complete forest field trip program during the ordinary couses. The forest virtual tour program develops a set of virtual tours as an adjunct to placement field courses. The virtual tours are formed around online interactive forest walkthrougs in real forest realities. You can freely navigate through linked panoramas and are invited to deepen in the virtual forest world.

Virtual Visits

Marteloscope in plantation forestry

Key words: Marteloscope, Pinus nigra, Pinus sylvestris, Quercus pyrenaica

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Plantation forestry

Key words: Poplar , Populus, I-214, veneer, chopo, desenrollo

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Wildfire silviculture

Key words: Pinus halepensis, forest structure, fuelbreak, fuel model, estructura forestal, cortafuego, modelo combustible, selvicultura, incendio forestal

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Silvics of mediterranean species

Key words: Silviculture, forestry, Pinus, Quercus



Coppicing has been a dominant silvicultural treatment in Europe until the last decades of the XXth century. This tour invites you to visit  coppice forestry of Castanea sativa.

Key words: asexual reproduction, chestnut, silviculture, monte bajo, rebrote, even-aged

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During the second half of the XXth a broad afforestation effort was undertaken in Spain. Decades later thinnings are essential in order to improve the forests, to achieve incomes for the owners of the forests (in this tour local, municipalities), to open opportunities for the creation of more diverse and resilient forest, etc.

Key words: Scots pine, Quercus pyrenaica, harvester, thinning, claras, raleo, pino silvestre, afforestation, pellet

A virtual tour trough the main silvicultural systems with a special focus on mediterranean forestry

Key words: Even-aged, uneven-aged, plantation, coppice, mediterranean, silviculture, coetáneo, irregular, regular, monte bajo

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A tour through the stand typing process with a special focus on Aleppo pine (P. halepensis) soil protection afforestations and silviculture. 

Key words: Aleppo pine, stand typing, silviculture, thinning, biomass, harvesting, claras, raleo, pellet

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A trip to soil protection silviculture. We will visit forests reforested in the middle of the XXth century. By then strong erosion problems were clearly visible. Today, active silvicultural management is needed in order to mantain the protective function and to achieve more diverse and resilent forest structures

Key words: thinning, Pinus halepensis, Pinus pinea, Palencia, Castilla y León, erosion, claras, raleo, protection

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