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Máster en Gestión Forestal Basada en Ciencia de Datos

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Master Data Forest 

Master MEDfOR - Mediterranean Forestry and Natural Resources Management

The University of Valladolid participate through the Sustainable Forest Management Research Institute in the MEDFOR ErasmusMundus Master Program. Our participation is coordinated by the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenierías Agrarias at Palencia.

Spanish and DataForest (Double Master)

The two years education itinerary proposed has two main goals:
- Get B2/C1 Spanish proficiency.
- Get the official degree Master in Environmental Management based on Data Science #DataForest

University graduates interested in Big Data and natural resources with a good level of English (B1 / B2 minimum), and with interest in the Spanish language and in knowing the cultural and Spanish heritage.


ETS Ingenierías Agrarias Universidad de Valladolid - Avd. Madrid s/n
34004 - PALENCIA - Localización

INIA-CIFOR - Ctra. A Coruña km 7,5
28040 - MADRID - Localización